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    Forum Rules

    Post by Admin on Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:51 am

    Dear [YOU],
    Welcome to our beloved GSM-ARENA Community!
    In order to create an enjoyable community for everyone,
    Please take a few minutes of your time to read the following forum rules carefully.
    Whether you decide to read or not it is your decision.
    Be aware that not knowing a rule isn't an excuse and it does not mean the punishment will be spared.

    Note: These rules are only regarding the Forums.

    Thank you for your time,
    GSM-ARENA community staff

    GSM-ARENA Forum Rules:

    1] GSM-ARENA Forums are free to join, and it serves the community as a social site. As such, please do not disturb other users: Do not use derogatory, accusatory, harassing, irritating, and/or provoking language. Do not express yourself through inappropriate or cussing words. Please avoid "flaming" users by all means. With no exception whatsoever, do not base your discussions on matters of gender, race, religion or ethnic background. If you can't follow this rule you will be warned or infracted accordingly.

    2] If you need to report a user, abuser, hacker, cheater, scammer, or any person that breaks the rules either in-game or in-forums, please do so accordingly in the Report Section, and follow the reporting guidelines included in the section. Do not use any other Section. Do not act out of anger and harass or insult the reported person. Respect the staff's evaluation and decision at all times. If you want to appeal the ruling, you may do so by submitting new evidence through PM to whoever is handling the case. GSM-ARENA Staff will punish any kind of biased, fraudulent, or dishonest reports either by infraction, temporary, or permanent ban.

    3] If you need to contact one specific person and just that person, please do so by Private Message (PM). A PM does not mean that you may bypass Rule # 1. Do not create a thread, or post in that person's thread with the intent of contact; PM the person, you will save yourself time and an infraction. In addition, PMs are, like its name state, private by all means. You may not publicly post a received PM unless permission is given by the sender.

    4.a] Marketing of any product with the intent to buy or sell is prohibited, for any type of business transaction is illegal to conduct through forums. GSM-ARENA Forums are intended for leisure and entertainment.

    4.b] Advertising other "FORUM" unrelated to GSM-ARENA is also prohibited and will cause:
    * The first offense is a two months banned from the forum.
    * The second offense is a permanent banned.

    Furthermore, advertising of other Community networks services, servers, forums, or related is strictly prohibited. Breaking this rule will result in an automatic permanent ban from forums.

    4.c] You may however, create threads and discuss or review about mobile phone unrelated to forum; do so in the Other forum Section. Product review maybe conducted in any ways as long as there is no link will be given to redirect forum users to another website. If you do so, product review will be automatically closed, links will be deleted and warning will be receive from the forum authority.

    5] Impersonation, or misrepresentation of any user, either staff member or not, and regardless the intent to benefit from it or not, is illegal under this rules. You will be banned permanently for taking upon this action.

    6.a] Abusing your posting power is not allowed, and is called spamming. There are many ways to spam, and in order to avoid any problems please follow the next:

    * Do not just think of post-count, think of post-quality.
    Remember that what you say is more important than how many times you can say stuff.

    * Post accordingly to a thread's topic, and stay on topic by all means possible.

    * Post as needed! Double and plus posting, posting back to back, power-posting, and bumping are considered as spam.

    * Do not irritate users. Spamming (or any other type of abuse of) a user's Visitor Messages is prohibited.

    * Bumping thread which has been inactive over a 4 weeks period is NOT allowed either, since the issues or discussions had long expired on them.

    7] Abusing User Reputation is strictly forbidden. This includes any type of trading, manipulation or agreement to affect a user's reputation either positively or negatively. At no exception whatsoever, reputation has to be given out only if a post or thread was helpful, useful, wise, or constructed for the better of forums in any other way. Furthermore, it is not allowed to spread reputation in the Guilds Recruit, Guild Hall, Foreign Languages, Spam Zone or Market Section of the Forum Board. Breaking this rule will result in the following consequences:

    * The first offense is a warning or infraction.

    * The second offense is half of Reputation Power removed and the disabling of Reputation function for a week

    * Third and final offense is all the Reputation Power removed and the disabling of Reputation function for a month. Every offense after this one will be punished as equal as a third offense.
    You might be banned for a week in addition.

    Note: Staff reserve the right to directly apply the second/final offense if seen appropriate.

    8] Signature Rules are as follow: Signatures are based off a point system whereas the total points in a signature are 7 points. There are many combinations to distribute the points.

    * A maximum of 1 Signature or Graphic;
    Horizontal : Max dimensions 450 px width x 200 px height OR 400 px width x 250 px height; 4 points
    Vertical : Max dimensions 400 px height x 250 px width ; 4 points

    * A maximum of 2 Userbars; Max dimension 450 px width x 30 px height each; 1 point each.


    * A maximum of 2 quotes; Max of 2 lines of text each; 1 point each.

    -Note: You are allowed to use a maximum of 2 Userbars and 1 quote or vice versa. In other words, you may use 2 UB + 1 Quote OR 2 Quotes + 1 UB.
    -Note 2 : About the max dimensions of a signature, although you are allowed to have a sig of 450x200 or 400x250, you can NOT have something like 450x250. When the height is over 200px the width can not extend the 400px and when the width is over 400px the height can not extend the 200px.
    -Note 3: As for the quote text, quote text with font #2 is consider as 1 point. However, if the quote text exceeded/larger than font #2, points will be calculated base on line of text points.

    * Event awards like sotw banners will count as :
    i) If they are between 1x1 to 50x50, Smiley.
    ii) If they are between 41x30 to 450x30, User Bar.
    iii) If their hight is between 31px to 250px regardless the width, Signature.

    * Every line of text is half points equal to its font size. (Quote text is included)
    - Font #1 = 0.5 points
    - Font #2 = 1 points
    - Font #3 = 1.5 points
    - Font #4 = 2 points
    - Font #5 = 2.5 points

    *If a line has multiple font sizes, the line is points equal to the larger font size used. In addition, it is not allowed to use font sizes larger than #3 with other forum gear (Signature, Userbars, and Quotations) and the maximum text lines in a Signature are five .

    On the other hand, It is allowed to used upto Font#5, IF and ONLY IF, there is NO other forum gear use such as a signature, userbars and quotations (Must fall up to 7points if calculated) and the maximum text lines in a Signature are two .

    * A Maximum of 2 Smiley Rows; worth 1 or 2 points each depending on the smiley selected.

    It is strictly prohibited to quote or paraphrase some other user's words, works, or collaborations unless consent from this person is given. This consent has to be shown to Moderators upon request. Failure to demonstrate that the quoted user agreed to being quoted will result in the removal of such and an infraction.

    9] Please show ultimate respect to the GSM-ARENA Staff. The GSM-ARENA Staff and all of its members work voluntarily to service this community and provide fun free of charge. Any sign of disrespect to any of them will be punished accordingly. If you have a disagreement with any of them, you are more than welcome to discuss such by PM with the person. If you don't wish to do so, or can't sort things out, it's enough to contact to GSM-ARENA Senior staff members. They are loyal members of this community and they will do their best in the name of justice.

    * In addition to the previously stated rule; There will be times when staff will contact you individually to discuss matters of any given topic. Failure to keep this information private will result in punishment administrated by a senior staff member.

    10] Every usage of offensive words or anything related to a bad behavior will be given a warning. At 2 warnings your Elite Tag will be disabled, permanently or for an amount of time (depends on how grave the situation was).
    We will keep an eye especially on chatbox, not only on general forum posts.

    11] Posting any obscene or inappropriate material is strictly not allowed in any part of the forum or used as signature/avatar/other profile image. This includes any gruesome, pornographic substance, female figure that has exposed the areas of genitals/breasts/bottom or male figure that has exposed the areas of genitals/bottom, and anything deemed unsuitable for this community forum. Renders used must have undies, bikinis and brassieres on for girls, Not wearing them is NOT allowed even so that the angle of the render is covering the breasts and genitalia with another part of the body such as the arms and etc. At any rate, failure to abide with this will be given a warning/infraction or an immediate ban of 1 - 3 months depending on the level of obscenity.
    - This includes any kind of referral links.

    12.a] You are not allowed to use any signature, avatar, user bar and any image or property owned by another person without prior permission. The author of these works have the complete rights on what in any manner they want to do with their works. If the owner have reported you and presented credible evidences that the art work used was not given prior permission and that they prove ownership of the art work, you will be deemed guilty and will be penalized with the following:

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